SWORD on PlanetLab: Scalable Wide-Area Resource Discovery


Note: Due to the discontinuation of CoTop and CoMon, SWORD is no longer maintained. It is left here for reference purposes only.

SWORD is a scalable resource discovery tool for PlanetLab. SWORD collects reports about available resources on nodes, and answers queries from users requesting nodes matching user-defined criteria. These criteria may be per-node (e.g., load, free memory, or free disk space) or inter-node (e.g., inter-node latency).

The SWORD project aims to explore techniques for specifying and scalably evaluating resource discovery queries in wide-area distributed systems. Compared to other Internet-scale distributed query processors, SWORD's primary features are

Supported Attributes

SWORD currently uses CoTop invoked on each node as its data source. The attributes available for querying are therefore those attributes supplied by CoTop. Visit the CoTop legend webpage for more information.


To use SWORD, click here and submit a query.


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