SWORD on PlanetLab: Scalable Wide-Area Resource Discovery

Step 1. Fill in the text boxes and choose "Add New Group."

SWORD takes as input an XML query. The query requests one or more groups of nodes. A group is an equivalence class of nodes with the same requirements.

 Group Name: 
 Total number of hosts desired (type "all" for all nodes): 

Step 2. Add your desired attributes to the group request.

SWORD uses the following format for describing attributes:

   <attr>abs_min, ideal_min, ideal_max, abs_max, k</attr>

Group: Attribute: abs_min, ideal_min, ideal_max, abs_max, k  
, , , ,  

Step 3: Add additional groups by repeating Steps 1 and 2.

SWORD finds disjoint groups that satisfy the requested constraints.

Step 4. Once all groups have been added, choose "Submit Request."